What is bentonite ?

Montmorillonite or Bentonite is a soft phyllosilicate group of minerals, and widely used in many fields of industry, agriculture and the environment.

Montmorillonite is also a drill lubricants, reducing torque and helps to freeze the borehole wall; filling cracks, cavities in inside the bored piles and oil drilling.

In the environment, montmorillonite helps improve soil and increase soil moisture for the dry season. In addition, the Montmorillonite  also increased mechanical strength, increase flexibility and make the soil structure and increase the policy of keeping essential nutrients in the soil; restrict or against the leaching of nutrients in the rainy season ...

In agriculture, montmorillonite  is used very common in animal feed processing, help absorb toxins and create cohesion in the bush member (binder) with a much cheaper price than other adhesives.

Being involved in inorganic exchange reactions, absorb organic liquids hence montmorillonite  also be used for processing bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizers or mineral fertilizers.

Furthermore, in animal and poultry feed manufacturing has been known for years and this mineral has also been used as a lubricating and binding agent in production of pelleted feeds.




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